About Us

Work Nigeria was established with a Singular Vision. To help the vast Nigerian workforce find meaningful jobs. We are also on a mission to upskill them in the best ways possible and help them grow with and within their careers.

We have lofty goals - To put Nigeria back to work

We understand that these goals may require a lot of work in achieving, but we have a leadership team that leverages extensive experience in this space to form a solid core foundation. With the help of recruiters and leading companies willing to come on board, we’re certain that we can make Work Nigeria a community of like-minded individuals looking to grow and the #1 Job Board in Nigeria.

Our Values

Work Nigeria is the brainchild of Innovate Africa, an organization dedicated to solving African society’s most pressing problems. Our biggest motivation across our subsidiaries revolves around honesty, customer empathy, encouraging diversity, winning as a team, and fun.

Honesty & Transparency are the driving forces behind our organization because we truly believe it is the only way of building loyalty and trust with our partners in the long run.

Customer Empathy is another aspect that is paramount to our success. We understand the difficulties our customers might face and being able to resonate with their needs helps us go a long way in providing them with appropriate solutions.

Diversity in the workplace is a topic of great discussion in the world today, and we intend to do our bit to ensure that we are a forward-thinking organization that prides itself on its diverse practices.

Having a winning team and winning as a team are 2 different things. We’re a highly experienced set of professionals who work in tandem to move ahead despite all obstacles. We celebrate our wins and stick together during difficult moments.

But at the end of the day, we don’t want to be too self-serious, we want our journey to be fun and full of new experiences. We look forward to having you onboard our exciting journey.